The growth of cities in Asia, Africa and Latin America creates huge opportunities for economic growth and improving the quality of human life for a large share of the world’s population. The New Town Kolkata initiative is a major development on the edge of Kolkata that provides a living opportunity to demonstrate successful and innivative growth. By drawing together partners and solutions we aim to create a critical mass that results in accelerated innovation and investment of the development of future cities solutions, and create viable busines models for their long term sustainable growth.

In conjunction with a MoU signed in January 2018, the Institute for Future Cities is working with New Town Kolkata Development Authority and other public, civil and academic partners to create a unique Centre for Future Cities in New Town Kolkata for:

  • development, testing and demontsraiton of future cities solutions
  • enhancement and exchange of future cities skills and knowledge in India and Scotland
  • development of partnerships with Goverment of West Bengal, chambers of commerce and commercial partners to test and evaluate new economic opportunities for Kolkata and other cities.

Our initial projects are already having an impact, with the growth of the Fintech sector being supported through this collaboration. With support from the British High Commission in India, Daniel Broby, Director of Centre for Financial Regulation and Innovation at the University of Strathclyde, has been supporting the rapid expansion of the Fintech Hub in the New Town which by 2019 was already supporting 25 units.