Our recent publications include contributions to leading international journals in specialist areas and in urban studies, alongside policy-focused working papers and reports. The links below provide access to some of these and we welcome feedback on all of these areas.

Future of the city centre

Giddings, B and Rogerson, R (2021) Compacting the city centre – densification in two Newcastles, Buildings and Cities2(1), 185–202. DOI:
Rogerson, R and Giddings, B (2020) The future of the city centre: Urbanisation, transformation and resilience – a tale of two Newcastle cities, Urban Studies,

Urban wetlands and net zero cities

Rogerson, R (2021) Artificial urban wetlands, In Bears, R (ed) The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Futures, Springer
Rogerson, R, Horgan, D and Roberts, J (2021) Integrating artificial urban wetlands into communities: a pathway to carbon zero?  Frontiers Built Environment (Urban Science), 
Rogerson, R; Horgan D, and Roberts, J (2021) Presentation to Pathways to Resilient Zero Carbon Cities 2021 Conference, University of Hertfordshire, July 2021. RZCC-2021_Intergrating_artificial_urban_wetlands_final

Citizen Participation

Rogerson, R, Reid, F and Nicholson, R (2021) Creating a social legacy from event volunteering, In K. Holmes et al (eds) Routledge Handbook of Volunteering in Events, Sport and Tourism, Chapter 27
Rogerson, R, Reid, F and Nicholson, R (2021) Creating an event volunteering legacy: the 2014 Host City Volunteer initiative, Event Management

Rogerson, R, Nicholson, R, Reid, F and Sly, B (2019) Using major events to increase social connections: the case of the Glasgow 2014 Host City Volunteer programme, Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events,

Horgan, D. and Dimitrijević, B. (2019). Frameworks for citizens participation in planning: From conversational to smart tools. Sustainable Cities and Society48, p.101550. Access

O’Neill, M and Rogerson, R (2018) That’s all very well in practice, but what about the theory: the case of Glasgow Life, Scotland. In D. Stevenson (ed) Managing organisational success in the arts, Routledge, 36-58

Rogerson, R (2016) Redefining temporal notions of event legacy: lessons from Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, Annals of Leisure Research, 19, 497-518

Placemaking, data analytics and urban issues

Horgan, D. (2020). Placemaking. In: Kobayashi, A. (Ed.), International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, 2nd edition. vol. 10, Elsevier, pp. 145–152.

Horgan, D. and Dimitrijević, B. (2019) Ecological Frameworks as a Strategy for Social Innovation in the Built Environment. 2019 IGU Urban Commission Annual Meeting – Urban Challenges in a complex World.

Lawson, T, Rogerson, R and Barnacle, M (2018) “A comparison between the cost             effectiveness of CCTV and improved street lighting as a means of crime reduction” Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 68, 17-25

Resilient and sustainable communities

Horgan, D. and Dimitrijević, B. (2019) Architectures for Resilience – Housing occupation as a means for attaining spatial rights – The case of Sao Paulo, Brazil. 16th Annual International Conference of the Architectural Humanities Research Association 2019, Architecture and Collective Life, Dundee.

Horgan, D. and Dimitrijević, B., (2019) Ecological Frameworks as a Strategy for Social Innovation in the Built Environment. 2019 IGU Urban Commission Annual Meeting – Urban Challenges in a complex World.

Horgan, D. and Dimitrijević, B. (2018). Social innovation systems for building resilient communities. Urban Science(1), p.13.

Energy and developing nations

Garba, I and Bellingham, R (2021) Energy poverty: Estimating the impact of solid cooking fuels on GDP per Capita in developing countries – case of sub-sahara Africa, Energy, 221, 119770

Garba, I and Bellingham, R (2019) Clean cooking fuel and sustainable development in developing countries: an overview, Presentation to 42nd IAEE International Conference: Local energy, Global markets – Montréal, Canada

Garba, I., Nieradzinska, K. & Bellingham, R. (2019) The energy poverty situation: a review of developing countries, In Advanced Studies in Energy Efficiency and Built Environment for Developing Countries. Cham: Springer, p. 41-49

Digital Innovation and Health

Hughes, J., Lennon, M., Rogerson, R. & Crooks, G., (2021) Scaling digital health innovation: developing a new ‘service readiness level’ framework of evidence, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 18 (23) 12575.

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