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Civic organisations: if you would like us to work with you on understanding and resolving urban issues, contact us for an initial discussion and we can explore possible ways to assist, draw upon research and knowledge, and attract funding to make a difference.

Academic partners: if you would like to discuss possible collaboration on a research project with the Institute, email us. We are particularly keen to engage in projects which are multi-disciplinary, innovative and problem-focussed, and we have a strong track record of attracting a wide range of funding for new research.

Commercial partners: if you are looking for an academic partner, get in touch. We are keen to help ensure that new technologies, innovative solutions and smart approaches are deployed to help address urban issues. Get in touch to discuss


If you wish to learn with us, then to discuss opportunities for PhD or CPD learning, drop us a line or contact 

If you would like to learn more about the individual projects with which the Institute is engaged read further on this website or contact us at the link below.

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