The Institute for Future Cities is active across the world working with academic and other partners to help improve the lives of citizens. Each week we connect with those sharing a desire to improve future city living.

In the coming weeks we are already committed to:


In the last few weeks we have been engaged with a number of key international partners, including:

  • Richard Bellingham has been giving expert evidence to the Senate of the Philippines to support their deliberations at a hearing on 26 passing a new Sustainable Cities and Communities Act that will enshrine UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 in law.  – aimed at delivering sustainable and resilient futures for Philippine cities.  Richard said “This a positive and ambitious move by the Philippine Senate.  The Bill takes an appropriately broad view of urban development needs in the Philippines  – covering environmental, societal, and resilience issues.  Key to successful delivery will be a joined-up strategic approach that balances different development needs, supported by adequate resourcing and governance mechanisms.
  • Robert Rogerson along with Bob Giddings at Northumbria University published their latest paper in Urban Studies as part of the AHRC project on the Future of the City Centre
  • IFC published a set of thought pieces on the impact of Covid-19 will have on urban futures
  • Robert Rogerson has been invited to join an academic steering committee assisting the future development of the Urban Links Africa programme coordinated by the Connected Places Catapault.
  • Robert Rogerson led a session on “Beyond smart cities X.0″ at the virtual Tallinn Forum conference on Advances in SEA and Strategic Planning on 11 September.

With restricted access to the University Campus, our City Observatory remains unavailable for use at present. However, we are taking the opportunity to discuss ways in which the facility can be enhanced, including making it more accessible for bookings. Further details will be announced as the plans progress.

If you are interested in working with us or meeting with us, please contact us