The Institute for Future Cities is active across the world working with academic and other partners to help improve the lives of citizens. Each week we connect with those sharing a desire to improve future city living.

In the next few weeks we are engaged with a number of key international partners, including:

  • Robert Rogerson will be in Joao Pessoa in Brazil for the 4th Symposium on the Future of the City Centre
  • Presenting at the University of Bradford’s Sustainability Day in March, with seminar in the Division of Peace Studies and International Development

In Glasgow over the coming weeks we are already committed to:

  • Interviews with MSc Design Innovation Students from Glasgow School of Arts – thinking ahead to Glasgow as European Capital of Sport 2023
  • Workshop with MSc Digital Marketing Management students from SBS considering the use of data to solve urban problems
  • Resilient communities game – learning session with MSc Circular Economy & Sustainability students
  • ¬†submission of PhD project on ‘Framing sustainability’ to the ESRC, and discussions with other potential PhD candidates
  • conversations with Advantage Austria on future ‘smart cities workshop’ in Scotland
  • preparation of IFC hosting events during COP26 in November 2020
  • discussions with Contextourbano in Colombia about citizen engagement projects

Our City Observatory is hosting a variety of sessions too, including:

  • DHI Apprentice Innovation Challenge meeting
  • SCOTCAP implementation group
  • colleagues in CMAC hosting meetings


If you are interested in working with us or meet with us, please contact us.