Rogerson to join British Standards Committee on smart and sustainable cities

IFC’s deputy director Robert Rogerson has been invited to join this leading panel of experts as they set out the future standards to be used in the areas of smart cities and sustainable communities.  The UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has commissioned BSI to develop a standards strategy for smart cities in the UK. The strategy identifies the role of standards in accelerating the implementation of smart cities and providing assurance to citizens that the risks are being managed appropriately.

As a committee member, Robert will represent IFC’s position and contribute to the production of future national standards.  He will also contribute input to the international counterpart committees who are developing international standards on sustainable development, indicators, infrastructure, and metrics.

“This is an exciting opportunity to help identify best practice and standards in the UK – and globally – as cities vie to become more smart and sustainable. For more than 100 years BSI has been helping to improve performance and standards. As they turn their attention to smart and sustainable cities, the committee’s work will help ensure that future cities are based around excellence.

This is acknowledgement of the contribution that the Institute for Future Cities is already making in this area.  The work of BSI shares the Institute’s focus on working in partnerships with government, citizens and business. Working with BSI will help to develop a general understanding and measurement of the benefits of standards to all three stakeholder groups . ”

Further information on BSI and its current standards in this area can be found at