logo-step-upAt the Institute for Future Cities, we’re working with cities across Europe to deliver major carbon emissions reductions and work towards sustainable city futures.

STEP UP is an EU funded sustainable cities project coordinated by the Institute for Future Cities that brings together expertise on sustainable energy and urban planning from four ambitious European cities:

  • Glasgow
  • Gothenburg
  • Ghent
  • Riga

The cities are working to create a comprehensive, effective and easy-to-use model for sustainable energy planning which can be adopted by cities across Europe and beyond. The programme is part of the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and runs until July 2015.

Through the project, Glasgow, Ghent, Gothenburg and Riga have built valuable partnerships with commercial and research organisations in their own cities and have developed Sustainable Energy Actions Plans. These plans set out a pathway for implementing a number of integrated and innovative low carbon energy projects that deliver significant social, environmental and economic benefits.

View the STEP UP cities’ SEAPs online, or download a copy, on the STEP UP website.

The STEP UP cities are sharing their knowledge, research and tools with a network of cities across Europe to exchange ideas and help other cities to develop their own sustainable urban projects and action plans.

Building on key project outcomes, STEP UP has developed two guides for cities, sharing tools and experiences from the project, along with recommendations and advice, available to view online as below: