In exploring the notion of a good city, we are exploring ways to focus on how different groups of citizens are able to re-engage with the city in ways that help them to improve their quality of life AND provide opportunities to enhance their lived experiences.

  1. How can city living become more fulfilling than a mere existence, offering opportunities to repair and replenish as well as sustain and maintain health and wellbeing?
  2. What does that mean for different groups who reside in the city and whose life chances and life aspirations vary?
  3. What changes are needed in urban policy and planning to enable this transformation?

We are keen to collaborate with city authorities, businesses and academics to explore creating the ‘good city; including:

join us in deepening our understanding of what characterises a ‘smart neighbourhood’, what its spatial and social dimensions are, and how neighbourly resource ‘needs’ and benefits can be effectively communicated to help reduce inequalities?

measuring local community quality of life measurement by developing new ways to use big data and other digital measurement to develop tools to assess community or local quality of life.

Using digital networks to enhance public spaces – the current pandemic has altered dramatically our relationships with public spaces in cities, and has generated in turn much debate about how lasting will be such changes. What assistance and reassurance can digital networks offer to make such spaces safe sites of socialisation?

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